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General Ability Tests 2 (GAT2)

Author(s): Paulin Smith & Chris Whetton

Publisher: PreVisor

Purpose: To assess general intellectual ability
Administration: 15-20 minutes per assessment, 120+ minutes for Complete Battery – Individual and group
Scoring: Paper-based
Categories: Non-graduate level staff regardless of previous experience or education
Candidates: 15+ years of age


  • New items and new norms
  • Comprehensive survey of aptitudes
  • Scores are not influenced by reading comprehension, so fairer to individuals from other cultures and different educational backgrounds


The GAT2 consists of five ability assessments that measure general intellectual abilities required for success in the workplace.

  1. Verbal: ability to reason with words through the use of analogies
  2. Non-verbal: ability to process information, recognise relationships and differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information
  3. Numerical: ability to identify relationships between numbers but without the need for extensive mathematical knowledge
  4. Spatial: ability to visualise objects in 3D
  5. Mechanical: ability to visualise relationships between moving parts and the way in which mechanical systems operate

The assessments can be administered singly or in any combination.

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105QAM GAT2 Verbal Test Booklet Moderate $412.95
106QAM GAT2 Non-verbal Test Booklet Moderate $412.95
107QAM GAT2 Numerical Test Booklet Moderate $412.95
108QAM GAT2 Spatial Test Booklet Moderate $412.95
109QAM GAT2 Mechanical Test Booklet Moderate $412.95
501QAM GAT2 Users Guide Moderate $319.95
605QAM GAT2 Verbal Administration Pack (25 answer sheets) Moderate $369.95
606QAM GAT2 Non-verbal Administration Pack (25 answer sheets) Moderate $369.95
607QAM GAT2 Numerical Administration Pack (25 answer sheets) Moderate $369.95
608QAM GAT2 Spatial Administration Pack (25 answer sheets) Moderate $369.95
609QAM GAT2 Mechanical Administration Pack (25 answer sheets) Moderate $369.95
991QAM GAT2 Reference Set Moderate $709.95